Hypnosis is a natural, very relaxed state.

Look into my eyesWhat is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural, highly focussed state of mind in which the unconscious mind is free to act without interference from regular consciousness. Hypnotherapy helps people to make changes in their behaviour. It cannot force you to make any changes against your will.

Did you know that you go in to a Hypnotic State every day?

How about driving a car? How many times have you driven a car along a familiar route, perhaps you are going home or to work, and you reach your destination, you get out of the car, and suddenly you realise, "Where did the last half hour go to?"

You have no conscious recollection of making any of the turns or any of the manoeuvres in the last ten miles of road that you took. And yet you got to your destination safely. You navigated traffic conditions, whether heavy or light, safely. You stopped at red traffic lights, you went at green traffic lights, you turned off at the right corners.

So something inside you knew what was going on, and that something is the unconscious mind. Something was working automatically and because the restrictions were removed, your unconscious mind was able to drive safely to your destination whilst your unconscious mind was engaged with daydreaming about the next meeting you have, a nice hot date, a good meal, or what you'll be doing when you get home.

Or how about a lift? Imagine you are in an office building or department store and you press the button to get on to the lift. And as these things happen, everyone waits outside, maybe chatting quite happily, and what happens when the lift arrives? For some reason, everyone stops talking, the doors open, you step inside, and when you're inside the lift, as soon as those doors close, it seems no one wants to talk anymore. They are all far too fascinated by those numbers. And the lift goes up or the lift can go down, and all the time you are watching the numbers without really thinking or saying very much. You know this because, how many times have you walked off at the wrong floor?

Because everyone else seems to be going out, you follow this unconscious suggestion thinking this is your floor. And suddenly you realise, "This doesn't look right. This doesn't look familiar." That is part of automatic action; part of your unconscious mind taking you through a natural process, an altered state of consciousness where it has the upper hand, where you don't have to think about things all the time.

Now this tremendously liberating because going into hypnosis is a great way for developing automatic habits, which means you don't have to think about stuff anymore, you can get on with enjoying your life and thinking about the important things like choosing your dinner. Whilst your unconsciousness mind goes through the tedious things like dressing yourself in the morning, preparing yourself and washing yourself. In fact many creative, productive people enter these altered sates of consciousness, these mini trances, in order to do things they are good at.

Woman in a relaxed state
Did you know?

Everyone goes into a hypnotic state many times a day.

Hypnosis is just a state of deep relaxation.

Once you are in a relaxed state, your unconscious mind is ready to accept positive suggestions and is free to come up with the perfect solution for you to change the behaviours you want to change.