Regain control

Take control of your phobia Fears and phobias can have a big effect on your life.

The fear, the shear panic that you experience is so real and the emotional pain so intense that it can stop you from doing the things you want to.

Throughout your life you are constantly updating the store of knowledge that helps you identify objects, sounds and sensations. You begin with a pre-programmed set of instincts such as the feeding impulse and the fright response as a baby. As you grow, with time and experience, you gain more and more information to be assimilated, you become better equipped and better able to search and find data that is pertinent to the stimuli that is delivered through one or more of our senses.

As you grow older the mass of information stored in your memory continues to increase, so each search for pertinent information has more and more to draw upon. There comes a point when the smallest of clues can be enough to enable the subconscious to provide enormous quantities of information that relate to the experience.

This is great when you develop habits such as getting dressed, riding a bike or driving a car. A little bit of fear is good as it keeps you safe, such as not walking out in front of moving traffic or jumping out of a moving vehicle. It's not so great when it develops as a fear or phobia that prevents you from doing something you want to do.

Your subconscious mind contains your body image, you habits, your emotions, your survival instincts, your creativity and controls all your bodily functions like your appetite and metabolism.

With hypnosis we can re-write your life script. You can make that change and regain control of your life.

Case Study - Fear of Dogs Overcoming fear of dogs

R's mum called me, as her 14 year old son was terrified of dogs and this was stopping him from doing every day things such as visiting friends or playing football. One side of the family had a dog and R was unable to visit, the other side was getting a puppy next week. His mum was concerned they could no longer visit their family.

On the first session I spoke briefly with his mum, before talking alone with R. R was fed up with his fear, he didn't know when it had started and had been afraid all of his life. It was getting worse as he could no longer visit his friends' houses as they had dogs. R described the impact his fear was having on his life. I asked him to rate how scared he was in different scenarios, such as if he saw a dog on TV, or a dog outside or a puppy. We discussed what R would do differently if he was no longer afraid. I asked R if he wanted to change the way he felt. He did. We talked about how hypnosis could help and discussed strategies that R could use to stay calm if he saw a dog.

On the second session R said he had been trying the strategies and he felt calmer, although still afraid of dogs. R told me that whilst playing football with his friends a dog had gone by and he hadn't noticed, his friends had commented as usually he would lose concentration until the dog was gone. We discussed what it was like to be in a hypnotic trance. Session two is where the fun starts and together we use hypnosis to make changes. I guided R through a Phobia Release Technique. R said he felt confident, but was still unsure. We agreed on some more strategies to use over the coming week.

Third and final session. R arrived, very excited. During the week he had stroked his cousin's dog, a black Labrador, while his cousin had the dog on a lead. R said he was still afraid, but had chosen to do it anyway. I guided R through another hypnosis technique. This time R recalled an event when he was 3 years old that triggered his fear. After the session, R felt very relaxed and said that he felt less fearful.

After the session I received a very excited phone call from R's mum, his cousin had a new puppy and R had asked to hold it. She sent me a picture of R with the puppy on his lap; he looked very relaxed.

Two weeks later, another excited phone call, from R and his mum - they were getting a puppy!

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