Client Testimonials

The bit I valued most was the ability to heal myself. It really helped me. Give it a go. It was just perfect. Thank you.
Caroline, Bruxism, Norwich

Wow, I can now reduce the pain and relax. Great experience and I have definitely felt the benefits. Would highly recommend.
Alison, Pain Management Client, Lowestoft

(Katina) provided real support and the reassurance that I could overcome the anxiety. I felt more calm and learnt how to deal with my panic attacks. The benefits for me have been positive thinking and gaining confidence. I would tell others who were considering using this service to definitely give it a try, this definitively helps you to relax and believe you can do it.
Emily, Panic Attacks Client, Beccles

Very pleased with the outcome and especially find the USB provided an effective tool in continuing to get good results
Sandra, Weight Reduction Client, Lowestoft

It was fun. I am more adventurous now, happy to be me.
Aaron, Fear of Dogs Client, Leiston

Katina helped me have my 1st holiday abroad in 2 years.
Amy, Fear of Flying Client, Lowestoft

Fun! Katina gave me loads of techniques, I lost 13lbs pounds and have the strategies now to continue. If you are thinking about using Katina's service, don't think, just do it!
Kate, Weight Reduction Client, Lowestoft

Katina is an excellent therapist, she has helped me manage my pain through hypnosis. I definitely recommend her services.
Neil, Pain Management Client, Lowestoft

What a lovely lady. Helped put me at ease, never felt so relaxed.
Emma, Stress Management Client, Gorleston

Thank you, I'm doing well with the food, eating much less and no longer snacking. I feel so much slimmer and fitter. I can't believe it is working. Thank you so much.
Sarah, Weight Reduction Client, Lowestoft

As a family, we cannot thank Katina enough! My 14 year old son has had an intense phobia of dogs since an early age. Over the years it has heightened, to a point where his and our family life was extremely negatively affected. However after spending an initial interview and 2 more sessions with Katina, helping him through Hypnosis, his and our lives have now changed for good. He is now able to be around dogs and even touch and hold them. We are now able to enjoy family occasions and public outings, something that was difficult before. Just recently he agreed for us to as a family to have our own puppy! Arnie has now been with us for two weeks and my son astounded us and himself. We are so proud of him and so very thankful to Katina and Katina Chapman Hypnotherapy. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
Marie, son with a fear of dogs, Lowestoft

I never really got a chance to say thank you for everything that you did. It really helped. I'm not sure that I'm definitely all the way there yet but I'm getting there I didn't really like the plane but I wasn't too afraid of what may happen but I just wanted to say I'm very grateful for everything and you have really helped me so thank you very much. xxx
Jasmine. Client with an intense fear of travel by car, train, plane, and bus, Lowestoft

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